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Decorate public spaces, corporate entrances, your home or office with a unique artwork from the best quality marble inspired from ancient Greek art elements.
I am working individually on each project and I am trying to deliver a unique piece of art that will satisfy your needs.

Karpoyzis can create for you:

Cycladic figurines

Following the routes of the past and inspired by the ancient Greek element it is always a challenge for me to formulate a Cycladic figurine. The sound of the Agean Sea and a long history of white, of sky and of a desserted, though pluralisitic, Cycladic landscape empower the artisitc essence of the marble and provide me with the tools to curve an entire Greek myth with simplicty and elegance. All Cycladic figurines follow the historical forms but each one curries a unique personality with its own deflections and character. I will be happy to create one for you at the dimensions you desire. Please contact me for further information.

Modern life figurines

Modern pieces of marble art, inspired by the Greek environment and history. Every piece is a unique piece of art-work made by hand signed with my signature. Give me your brief or let me imrpovise for you.

Real life objects

What ever you may imagine may be reproduced on marble. Objects, signs, corporate logos, as well as items of practical use. Decorate your garden, or interiors with the one and only marble item you desire. Contact me for any information or requests.

Nikos Karpoyzis | viber/tel: +30 6945 780447 | e-mail: nikoskarpouzis@yahoo.gr
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